Groundbreaking concert in the finale of the legendary festival

Smetana Litomyšl. The grand finale. This is something we never dreamed of in our wildest dreams. As the first enthusiastic ensemble in the history of the festival finale, we knew we had to really nail the programme. So we brought the French star, singer ZAZ, as the main trump card. And we managed to keep it a secret until the last moment before she appeared on our stage. There was no shortage of surprises in the Festival Gardens either. A broadcast of the concert from the castle was shown and Czech singer Bára Poláková appeared above the audience singing from a balloon, fireworks, acrobatics and a thrilling dance of figure skaters. This evening was an important milestone in the history of the PSO, we were honoured.


Police Symphony Orchestra
Joel Hána, Kryštof Koska / conductors
Barbora Poláková, Vendula Příhodová, Karolína Soukupová, Jan Sklenář / singers
ZAZ / secret guest
Ivo Kahánek / piano
Jan Cina / moderation
Funky Rollin / figure skating