Concert at your home

Orchestra tuned, sound set, cameras ready, flap and go! But where's the audience? At home. Because we're streaming this concert live to every living room where they can tune into our Facebook stream or MALL.TV. We couldn't do it any other way because of pandemic restrictions. We were so excited to get back together after so long and play together. And so we didn't want to broadcast just another ordinary online concert that would get lost in the flood of others.

P.S. ONLINE was a manifesto of partnership, help, humility and friendship. We enlivened every corner of the Broumov Monastery with multi-genre art. The programme was not only symphonic, we took the audience from quiet chamber pieces to big cinematic pieces, even to Wonderland. The music even made the movement stories dance.

The fundraiser managed to raise EUR 22 212, and with this amount we supported regional cultural events and our activities.


Police Symphony Orchestra
Joel Hána, Věra Vlčková / conductors 

Lucie Výborná / moderation

Ivo Kahánek / piano
Vendula Příhodová, Jan Maxián, Hana Hána, Jan Sklenář / singers
Kácov Choir
JM DANCE, Anita Príbojská a tanečnice ZUŠ Náchod / dancers
Karolína Procházková / figure skating