6th edition of our benefit concerts

Broumov airport came alive with an unusual cultural performance that took the audience to the realm of dreams. 60 young musicians, 50 choir singers, acrobats of the new circus and dancers performed on the original stage of the big tent in a purely author project. The orchestra's original music was performed for the first time and the experience was enhanced by tailor-made choreographies.

The proceeds from the voluntary entrance fee of EUR 39 930 were donated to the nursing service in Police nad Metují and the Centre for Social Services Naděje Broumov. Thanks to this, they're building a decent facility for the caregivers in Police, and in Broumov (with their own co-financing) they purchased a service car.


Police Symphony Orchestra
Sbor Police Symphony Orchestra
Joel Hána, Kryštof Koska – conductors
Lukáš Hrubeš – choirmaster

Vendula Příhodová – Queen Mab
Jan Sklenář / Matěj Štrunc – The Dreaming 
Jozef Hruškoci – The Shadow

Duo Extend
Klára Hajdinová, Petr Hubka, Jan Minárik, Vendula Nedělová, Tomáš Pražák, Kristina Spirulina


David Ostružár – author of the concept
Hana Mikolášková – director
Jan Lstibůrek – music
Robin Král – texts
David Janošek – stage design
Dora Sulženko Hoštová – choreography
Tomski&Polanski – visual identity


How many forms can dreams take? Where do their stories lead us? Can we command dreams? And can we dream in the daytime? They say that those who understand their dreams understand themselves better. And that's why we're going to enter that mysterious realm where the laws of physics disappear, where our own rules apply, where we can meet those who have gone, or be who we've always wanted to be. Perhaps we will return from there wiser, to find the strength within ourselves to make our dreams come true in the daytime. After all, dreams are what drive us and give us wings.