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If you have clicked through here, maybe that means you are the one who wants to become our long-term partner. If so, please email our mom Petra and she will be happy to meet you in person. Together you will find the best way to work together within the PSO partner family.


Karolína Hanzlová

Email: karolina.hanzlova@policesymphony.cz

phone: +420 605 123 871

We look forward to hearing from you!

Lifetime partner about PSO

For me, the PSO represents a young joyful atmosphere and that is exactly what I look forward to before every concert. The atmosphere and enthusiasm of everyone around the orchestra. I hope this energy is sustainable. I try to be inspired by how it is achieved and it makes me happy to support it. Which often encourages others to get involved in different activities. PSO shows that it is possible to dream. And that is something I have been trying to do with my activities for a long time. 

– Jan Školník, Hobra Školník